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We know you’re ready to get started with a real-world education, and that’s exactly what we offer here at MMFS. Our diploma / certificate courses in film production, acting, post-production, audio for film and screenwriting help you master the skills you need to succeed in the business. Our instructors are industry pro’s who have worked on several award-winning projects. We’re passionate about helping you achieve your dreams, and we want to see you achieve them here at Mara Moja Film School.

Will you change the world with your art?

We have been training artists to use their passions as a way to change the world since 2015. We are currently accepting applications for Q4 2022 and all of 2023. If you want to make your art do more than just get likes on social media, apply to Mara Moja Film School.

What makes us different?


Award-winning storytellers.

Mara Moja Film School is owned and operated by award-winning creators from all over the industry who continue to work as filmmakers today. This ensures our instructors are up-to date with industry norms and trends, and able to best deliver the most current information to our students.

Our instructors' experience ranges across production, post-production, and distribution—including film festivals, film screenings, theaters, television networks, and more!

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